This class is open to mental health professionals only.

Have you ever felt lost or confused about what is happening in the playroom? Do you wonder if you are making a difference or helping the child heal in the most effective way possible? In our Online Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy course, we’ll explore what exactly is happening in the play therapy process, how change happens and ultimately what it takes to help children heal at profound levels. You will finish this online course understanding exactly how the “magic” happens in the playroom.

What: The six-month course includes three, one-hour LIVE webinars with Lisa Dion, six 2.5-hour recorded videos and monthly 60-minute consultations with an SPT Supervisor/Consultant to help you integrate what you are learning. 

When: October 29th, 2018 – March 22nd, 2019

Where: Learn and earn from anywhere!

Credits: Total 24 CE credits* (9 Contact and 15 Non-Direct Contact)

Cost: Student $825.00 | Professional $975.00 (If you would like to make monthly payments, please click here)

Important Class Dates:
  • Oct 29th, 2018: One-hour LIVE Webinar (2 p.m. MST) & 1st video course released
  • Nov 30th, 2018:  2nd video course released
  • Dec 28th, 2018:  3rd video course released
  • Jan 7th, 2019: One-hour LIVE Webinar (2 p.m. MST)
  • Jan 25th, 2019: 4th video course released
  • Feb 22nd, 2019:  5th video course released
  • March 18th, 2019:  One-hour LIVE Webinar (2 p.m. MST)
  • March 22nd, 2019:  6th/final video course released 

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For prerequisites and class objectives, please see below.

*Play Therapy Institute of Colorado, APT Approved Provider 09-264


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Online Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Prerequisite Training:

  • Participants should have completed or be enrolled in a Master’s Degree (or equivalent) program in counseling, social work, or education.
  • Previous experience working with children and families is required.
  • A basic understanding of play therapy and play therapy skills is required.

Objectives by class:

Class 1 – Welcome to SPT:

  • Understand how Synergetic Play Therapy was inspired, the basics, the tenets, the history, and the main play therapy influences
  • Understand how children use the projective process in play therapy to set the toys and the therapist up to feel how they feel
  • Begin to understand the significance of why authenticity is so important in the playroom

Class 2 – It’s Nervous System Time!:

  • Understand the link between nervous system states and the symptoms that show up in the playroom
  • Understand the importance of regulation in the playroom
  • Understand how the therapist can begin to model regulation to the child so that the child can begin to learn how to regulate

Class 3 – Integrating the Data:

  • Understand what regulation is and isn’t according to Synergetic Play Therapy
  • Understand what it means to “overcome a challenge” in the play therapy process
  • Understand what it means to become the external regulator in a session to help a child integrate their challenges

Class 4 – Parents, Parents, Parents:

  • Understand that parents are going through a grief process when they bring their children to play therapy
  • Understand how to have a successful play therapy intake
  • Understand the importance of setting goals and speaking in terms of what is important to the parent

Class 5 – Attachment & the Self Object:

  • Understand Synergetic Play Therapy’s definition and perspective on attachment
  • Understand how to use the self-object as a way to support the client attaching to self
  • Understand the link between a child’s attachment styles and their nervous system states

Class 6 – Aggression, Sand & Art:

  • Understand how to use regulation as a way to help integrate aggressive energy in the playroom
  • Understand how to facilitate the use of sand from a Synergetic Play Therapy perspective in the playroom
  • Understand how to facilitate the use of art from a Synergetic Play Therapy perspective in the playroom


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